I am James Nimlos, I recently changed careers to front-end development and I decided to journal my progress. I'm a coffee enthusiast and turophile, with love of learning. To read more about my transition see my About Me page.

Coop vs Opposed

I’ve always enjoyed video games more as a cooperative environment instead of oppositional. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy first-person shooters like 007 and Call of Duty, but they always feet more rewarding to me when I was winning with friends instead of beating opponents. Similarly, when playing the original StarCraft online, I liked cooperating […]

Phoenix Summit Challenge 2015

I’m doing the Phoenix Summit Challenge with the Arizona Parks and Recreation. It’s a support event for the Phoenix Parks and Recreation to raise money for trail maintenance and it’s a wild challenge to boot. The hikes are Piestewa Peak (1.2 mi and ~1,200 ft elevation), Lookout Mountain (3.2 mi, and 500ft elevation), Apache Wash […]

3D Printing – eCreations Logo

I did a little 3D printing this last weekend and I wanted to show it off. Also, we call our maker space the dreamatorium after the tv show Community because we want it to embody the same essence as Abed and Troy’s imagination space from the show. Maybe I should write more about that later… […]

On Confidence

The line between confidence and arrogance is a tricky concept that has eluded many individuals. The goal is to be self-assured but not self-centered; believe that you are correct but not dismissive of other people‚Äôs opinions. To create a better understanding of a healthy confidence instead of a damaging narcissism one must look beyond the […]