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CSS3 calc() function

I recently happened upon the CSS3 calc() function and knew I needed to give it a try. The first thing I imagined was setting a position:fixed; element dynamically to align with a centered body or content section. You see a lot of social links placed like this to allow a reader to share anytime throughout […]

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Project 3b – Three.js (to be continued)

This post is to show off the changes I have made to the terrain from project 3 but it is by no means the final desired product. I’m moving on, for now, to explore different features of Three.js with the expectation that I will return to work on specific improvements.

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Project 3a – Automatic Terrain Generation using Three.js

This is Project 3a because there would be an excessive amount of information if I put it all in a single post. Instead, this post will focus on the initial exploration of Three.js and all of the initial problems I encountered. Despite that reduction in scope, this post will probably still be long because I […]

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But first, coffee.

I love coffee. It is absolutely one of my favorite things. It has a very complex flavor and there are so many great ways to use it. It changes depending on how you roast it, grind it, or brew it.

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