But first, coffee.

Published April 26, 2014

I love coffee. It is absolutely one of my favorite things. It has a very complex flavor and there are so many great ways to use it. It changes depending on how you roast it, grind it, or brew it. If you treat it poorly, it will disappoint you. Coffee has been tried in every fashion… I mean people even drink coffee that has already been digested, and it’s the most expensive kind!

But first, coffee.

I don’t believe that I make the best coffee, nor do I think I even know what the best coffee is. I groan at coffee “purists”. By “purist” I am referring to those who shun you for adding anything to your drink. What vegetable is only good by itself and will you ever find a chef who says it should never be paired with anything? The whole point of adding things is to change the flavor, and I don’t believe change is inherently bad. Where would we be if some italian had never poured coffee in with tiramisu? My regular is iced coffee with a little half-and-half to give it a creamy texture and diminish the harshness of the bitter flavors. My favorite syrup is macadamia nut; it adds a suttle nutty flavor that pairs brilliantly with coffee without changing it too much.

Zooey Deschanel has got the right idea, and so does the Starbucks Instagram. I mean, coffee has changed the world. If you drink coffee you are at an advantage compared to your non-drinking peers both mentally and physically. I love reading research about how beneficial it is, though most research for things that are so loved are also heavily biased. Like saying red wine is the healthiest thing you could drink with dinner. Do I think everyone should drink coffee? Yes, but I don’t mind if you want to let me have an advantage. Though, seriously, stop being a snob about it.

Even though it seems widely obvious that coffee is a creativity enabler, there are remakably few quotations regarding its consumption. Here, are the few I enjoyed, presented in a playful manner.



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